Brands with a conscience

Brands are powerful ideas which embody our values. Today’s wisest—and most progressive—organizations invest in creating and protecting their brand. The most dynamic realize that customers and employers now seek brands which do more than deliver the goods—and do so in an ethical, humane way.

What makes a brand humane?

  • It has a visible conscience.
  • It apologizes when things go wrong.
  • It invests time and energy in relationship building.
  • It promotes the value of caring for one another.
  • It acknowledges that we are all fundamentally equal.
  • It’s visibly accountable for all its actions.
  • It takes risks in line with its values.

Brands with a Conscience awards

Between 2003 and 2011, Medinge sponsored the Brands with a Conscience awards programme. Directors and members of the Medinge Group nominated companies noteworthy for their contribution to the betterment of society through sustainable, socially responsible and humanistic behaviour.

Medinge believed that the annual awards were to drive change, and not simply to recognize performance. This initiative supported our conviction that all awards should strive to influence and create positive transformation.

Nominations and judging

Medinge’s ranks make nominations for each year’s Brands with a Conscience.

What we look for

Each brand nominated is considered on principles of humanity and ethics, rather than financial worth. Criteria include:

  • Reputation and self-representation
  • History
  • Direct experience
  • Media presence
  • An assessment of the company’s expressed values of sustainability.

Recognising NGOs

In 2006 the group added a unique category commendation, the Colin Morley Award, recognising exceptional achievement by a non-governmental organisation. Colin, a member of the Medinge Group, died in the London Underground bombings on July 7, 2005. The award commemorates his visionary work in humanistic branding.

Past winners

Brands large and small have won the Brands with a Conscience award since the programme’s inception in 2003. A list of the 2011 winners follows. Previous years may be accessed in the links at right.

2010 winners

  • Alibaba Group/China
  • Co-op Bank/UK
  • Marks & Spencer/UK
  • Merci/France
  • Pictet et Cie./Switzerland
  • SAP/Germany
  • Selco Solar Pvt. Ltd./India

The Colin Morley Award is given to:

  • Muna Abu Sulayman/Saudi Arabia

2011 winners

  • Aquamarine Power
  • BBC World News–Newsweek for World Challenge
  • Caja Navarra
  • Masdar City

The Colin Morley Award is given to:

  • TED
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