Who we are

We stand for brands with conscience

We are a think tank of brand experts and visionaries from around the world whose purpose is to influence business to become more humane and conscious in order to help humanity progress and prosper.

It is our belief that organisations have a broad responsibility to all their stakeholders. Yet many organisations still treat their customers and other audiences as objects and try to control their brands. Our argument is that a brand is created together with others for the benefit of the organization, its stakeholders and society

Our principles are:

  • Respect
  • Generosity of spirit
  • Integrity
  • Compassion and care
  • Brand mastery
  • World-view
  • Commitment
  • Positive impact

Human and conscious brands have a higher purpose, create value for all stakeholders, have capacity for love and care and promote authentic leadership

A human and conscious brand…

  • Has a visible conscience
  • Apologizes when things go wrong
  • Invests time and energy in relationship building
  • Promotes the value of caring for one another
  • Acknowledges that we are all fundamentally equal
  • Is visibly accountable for all its actions
  • Takes risks in line with its values

Inside Medinge

Thomas Gad invites a group of international brand writers and consultants to a meeting at Medinge Sæteri in rural Sweden. The meeting takes place against the backdrop of the publication of ‘No Logo’ by Naomi Klein, which criticizes the practices of brand owners. The group agrees to take on the challenge of trying to re-define branding.

The group – now with a bit more structure – publishes its brand manifesto, which promotes the point of view that brands should think and behave responsibly; to be ‘human and humane’.

14 of the Medinge members contribute to a provocative book called ‘Beyond Branding’ which is published by Kogan Page.  The writers present a new way of thinking about brands.  The book launch takes place with a world café event in Amsterdam.  The book receives positive reviews and a paperback edition is published in 2005.

The Medinge Group launches an award known as Brands with a Conscience. A set of criteria are defined and organizations are identified. There is much discussion and no little disagreement about the brands that are nominated. The first Brands with a Conscience awards ceremony takes places in Paris. The awards are run for 8 years.

The Medinge Group launches an online journal with an eclectic set of articles, recordings and drawings.

The group starts an annual event with students at the Sorbonne in Paris.  Various members of the group sit on a panel and present their ideas about the future of branding followed by a discussion with students.

Special edition of the Journal of Brand Management on Conscientious Brands edited by Medinge members Nicholas Ind and Ian Ryder and with papers from Jack Yan and Ava Hakim.

Event at ESADE in Barcelona.  Presentations by members of the Medinge Group to ESADE alumni and students

The Medinge Group begins work on its second book, ‘Brands with a Conscience’ to be published by Kogan Page in 2016.

Participation is at the heart of what we do to: generate, share and promote ideas, best practices, and new ways of being

We meet twice a year to share ideas, concepts and real world experiences; to continually learn and refresh their thinking; and to generate meaningful initiatives to transform the way organisations think and act

The Members

Our members join Medinge to:

Share diverse ideas, concepts and real world experiences continually learn and refresh our thinking.
Generate meaningful initiatives that promote our mission.
Expand the understanding of brand as a force for good.
Have a positive and transformative impact on businesses, organisations and society as a whole.

Carsten Baumgarth Berlin School of Economics and Law

Giuseppe Cavallo Vox Populi Labs

Joaquim Calaf Contrapunto BBDO

Zoe Colosimo Neighbourly

Phil Dobson Freelance

Thomas Gad R.I.P. | In Memoriam

Pascale Geissberger Urban Sports Club

Lauren Holmes EY Foundation and the Helvellyn Foundation

Nicholas Ind Oslo School of Management

Andy Last MullenLowe salt

Anne-Marie McConnon BNY Mellon Investment Management

Simon Paterson Paterson Associates

Holger J. Schmidt Koblenz University of Applied Sciences

Christopher Spall Spall.macht.Marke

Nikolaj Stagis Stagis A/S

Brigitte Stepputtis Vivienne Westwood

Sudhir John Horo Ideaworks Design & Strategy Pvt Ltd

Erika Uffindell The Global Centre for Conscious Leadership

Milla Thoresen Vasbotten University of Kristiania

Shyam Vasudevan S. Ideaworks Design & Strategy Pvt. Ltd.

Jack Yan Jack Yan & Associates

Christof Zürn Creative Companion | Music Thinking

Participation is at the heart of what we do to; generate,
share and promote ideas, best practices, and new ways of being

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