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Medinge Group planned speaking roles, September to November

Stockholm, July 6 Medinge Group CEO Stanley Moss and member Yousef Tuqan Tuqan will speak at the Social Media World Conference in Abu Dhabi, UAE. They will be on a panel together on September 27, and Mr Moss has a keynote address on the 28th.    Medinge Group director Jack Yan will speak at the

Special issue of Journal of Brand Management sees strong Medinge Group participation

Stockholm, July 6 The special issue of The Journal of Brand Management, on ‘Conscientious Brands’, has the participation of three senior members and one life member of the Medinge Group, the Swedish-based, high-level branding think-tank.    Both Medinge Group director Nicholas Ind and life member Ian Ryder have edited the well respected academic journal. The

Online branding explained in new paper

Wellington, August 21 (JY&A Media) After finding that there were few resources explaining the nature of online branding, Jack Yan decided to write his own for his consulting firm, JY&A Consulting, and for the Medinge Group branding think-tank in Sweden, meeting at the end of this month.    ‘There were anecdotal articles,’ he explains, ‘and