Our purpose

We are a think tank of brand experts and visionaries from around the world whose purpose is to influence business to become more humane and conscious in order to help humanity progress and prosper.

What is a brand with a conscience?

A brand with a conscience thinks different.
It builds sustainable thinking into the core of what it does.
It has a higher purpose that creates value for all, has a capacity for love and care, promotes authentic leadership and embodies a humanistic way of being.


We meet twice a year to share ideas, concepts and real world experiences.
To continually learn and refresh our thinking.
To generate meaningful initiatives to transform the way organisations think and act.

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Sharing our news

Former Medinge Group member Tim Kitchin passes away

Long-time UK-based member Tim Kitchin, who was instrumental in Medinge Group’s early years, passed away at the weekend. Our thoughts go to his family at this very sad time. In 2003, Tim was one of the authors of Medinge Group’s Beyond Branding, writing a chapter on sustainability and brands. He retained his involvement with Medinge

Participation is at the heart of what we do to; generate,
share and promote ideas, best practices, and new ways of being

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