Nicholas Ind and Oriol Iglesias’s In Good Conscience scores glowing reviews

Christopher Walker’s review of Nicholas Ind and Oriol Iglesias’s In Good Conscience: Do the Right Thing While Building a Profitable Business gives an accurate description of what the authors were trying to convey.
      ‘The authors of this thought-provoking book advocate the importance of corporate conscience and call for a move away from corporate values to action-oriented corporate principles,’ reads the introduction.
      You can read more of the review at Impact Investor.
      Since the book was launched in December, Nicholas and Oriol have presented it at launches and seminars in Lund, Rotterdam, Maastricht, Berlin and London. In October, the Spanish edition will be published.
      ‘Humanity faces two big and escalating challenges: climate change and social inequality. In their book, In Good Conscience, Professors Ind and Iglesias argue that it’s time for business to transcend corporate social responsibility and to step up and play a key role in addressing these major global challenges. Moreover, their timely and practical guide demonstrates convincingly that doing the right thing also happens to be good business,’ wrote Alan Jope, CEO of Unilever.
      ‘This is the first book to take a serious look at the role of conscience in business ethics. It will stimulate much conversation about the role of individuals and organizations in creating ethical businesses,’ according to Prof R. Edward Freeman of the Darden School at the University of Virginia.
      ‘The gravity of the intertwined environmental and social crisis demands that we emerge from what Veblen described as the “predatory phase” of our development into a new era, in which we make use of our capacities to recognize reality and cooperate to address its challenges. In Good Conscience is timely and on the mark, recognizing both the necessity for business to earn its operating licence and the power of conscience to help us plant the seeds of change that can yield a thriving planet and human culture,’ said Vincent Stanley, Director, Patagonia Philosophy.

Jack YanNicholas Ind and Oriol Iglesias’s In Good Conscience scores glowing reviews

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