Pierre d’Huy

Belle Époque 2·0

The authors look at our times and wonder whether the world is on the brink of a second Belle Époque, a new era of humanistic thought and progress.

ET or TE?

The authors contrast the approaches and personalities of Thomas A. Edison and Nikola Tesla, and how the two types contribute to successful teams in modern organizations.

Who’s kidding who?

An English-language version of d’Huy’s article ‘Nul ne peut se jouer des signes’.

Nul ne peut se jouer des signes

When brands make claims which they cannot support, stakeholders easily spot the ruse. Pierre d'Huy makes a semiotician's case for the fact that signs can't lie. In the philosophical universe, people won't be misled.

PowerPoint, la rhétorique universelle

Is PowerPoint an aid to communication or destructive force in the art of rhetoric? This essay in French deconstructs the controversial Microsoft presentation program from the point of view of a mediologist, making references to works by Roland Barthes and Régis Debray to support its conclusions.