Stanley Moss

Naming: a subjective primer

The understandable quotient of high anxiety connected to the process of naming cannot be overstated. Like all things branding, the question of naming begs to be taken in context.

Indrigar and Jandrigar

This story about political transmission is excerpted from a forthcoming book of parables by Stanley Moss and Pierre d'Huy, entitled Legacy and Power, to be published in 2012.

Brands with a Conscience: a subjective assessment

In January 2011, the Medinge Group’s annual Brands with a Conscience (BWAC) awards will be announced for their eighth consecutive year. What does this term represent? What are the awards, how were they created, how are they decided, who has won in the past and how can they be viewed in retrospect?

Mumbai, India

4 November 2009. Stanley Moss receives Brand Leadership award at World Brand Congress, Taj Land’s End Hotel.

Demythologizing the McElroy Memo

In 1931 a young P&G executive wrote a document which proved crucial to the formation of ideas about contemporary brand management. But attitudes about branding have since grown up around the memo's opportunistic policies. This article deconstructs McElroy's directives, reassessing our perspectives on how brands need to be viewed in today's post-globalisation strategic universe.