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In March 2016, a new book written by members of the Medinge Group will be published by Kogan Page

The idea for the book emerged from a desire to showcase the winners of the Brands with a Conscience award, but it has evolved and now includes other examples as well. The main motivation for writing the book was to use the stories of conscientious brands to establish a model that can inspire other organizations.

The core theme of the book is that organizations have a broad responsibility to all their stakeholders, including citizens. The understanding of this principle is well documented and has grown as stakeholders have seized the opportunity to participate.  Our argument is that a brand is created together with diverse stakeholders for the benefit of the organization, its stakeholders and society. When organisations recognise this – as brands with a conscience do – then corporate social responsibility becomes embedded in the organization.

Reflecting the diverse membership of the Medinge Group the cases cover a broad variety of industries and geographies including Tata Steel, Dilmah Teas, Merci, Dr Hauschka, the John Lewis Partnership and the Slow Food Movement.

Brands with a Conscience

Edited by Nicholas Ind & Sandra Horlings

Table of content

BWAC Cover

  • Foreword and introduction by Ava Maria Hakim
  • 17 brands; Successful and Responsible
    • Dilmah Tea: Business is a matter of Human Service by Jack Yan
    • Star for Life by Annette Rosencreutz
    • John Lewis Partnership: Partnership for all by Erika Uffindell & Simon Paterson
    • Influence at Adidas by Nicholas Ind
    • Dr. Hauschka: Healthy business by Brigitte Stepputtis
    • Alqvimia: The energy that will save the world by Guiseppe Cavallo
    • Merci Paris: What destiny for this lifestyle design concept store? by Phillippe Mihailovich
    • H&M: Sustainable fashion by Brigitte Stepputis and Thomas Gad
    • Tony ’s Chocolonely: Crazy about chocolate, serious about people by Sandra Horlings
    • Lovechock: Happiness inside by Sandra Horlings
    • Slow Food Movement: The case for Eco-gastronomy by Peter Brown
    • Vegetalia: Nourishing Life by Guiseppe Cavallo
    • DNV GL: Back to the Future by Nicholas Ind
    • Unilever the Green bond by Nicholas Ind
    • Cosentino: Conversations carved in stone by Cristián Saracco
    • Tata Steel: Building a caring organization by Horo Sudhir
    • Handelsbanken: No targets, no budgets and little marketing by Simon Paterson
    • About Place branding:
      • Branding the Life while growing the place by Nikolaj Stagis
      • Big on Life on Cork by Malcolm Allan
  • How to be a brand with a Conscience Exploiting leadership to betterment of the world by Enric Bernal
  • Now… how to build a Brand with a Conscience by Oriol Iglesias and Nicholas Ind

About the cover

The artwork on the cover is based on a painting by Phil Dobson, a London-based artist and member of Medinge Group.

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Medinge GroupBrands with a Conscience | The book

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