Don’t resign, but re-sign: fighting climate change is in our hands

We have not failed yet. There is too much resignation in the whole climate change discussion for me. However, the word resignation is derived from the Latin word resignare and means not only to give up, but also to make a new contract with oneself. Maybe we need a re-signing. A new contract between us and planet Earth. The old contract was a rental contract. We used the Earth as a tenant, but took no responsibility for any damage. The new contract should be an owner contract. So that we don’t exploit earth anymore, but take care of it like our most beloved property.
      This contract is not a contract of single generations. It is not a contract that only boomers need to sign. Every single one of us needs an individual re-signing. I don’t think the generations should be passing the buck to each other in the process. But that’s exactly what we’re doing right now. In my home country, Germany, the group of radical activists is called ‘Last Generation’. Young against old, old against young. Generation Z against baby boomers. But only together can we solve complex problems.
      How can we change? Maybe we can’t change all our habits at once: the way we eat, work, travel and live. Everyone should ask themselves: how can I make a contribution to fight climate change? And start right there.
      Find an individual focus to tackle climate change with relish. Individuals as well as organizations. Every company must define its contribution to a sustainable economy. And anchor it in the corporate identity. That’s what I’m working on as an organizational identity developer. That is my focus. But my focus is not your focus.
      By the way, we as humans have always changed only when we are on the edge. That is our nature. With all our mistakes. With all our hope. To inspire others to change their lives, we need to do something instead of protesting. My conclusion: we need even more hope than resignation.
This essay is a reprint of a speech by Christopher Spall from the Medinge Group think-tank’s panel discussion on Conscientious Innovation at Oslo Innovation Week on September 28, 2023. Other panel members included Mark Irvine, Barbara Santoro, Sandra Horlings, and Peter Fischer Brown.
      Christopher Spall is Founder and Managing Director of Spall. Brand Identity Consultants, the leading partner for brand identity development in Central Europe, based in Nuremberg, Germany. He is also member of the international think-tank Medinge Group and executive director of the Peak Performer Foundation.


Medinge GroupDon’t resign, but re-sign: fighting climate change is in our hands

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