Medinge presents Conscientious Innovation at DOGA in Oslo on September 28, 2023

Members of Medinge Group will present Conscientious Innovation: are we all screwed, or can we design for social and environmental progress whilst still creating value? on September 28, 2023, from 9.30 to 16.00 at DOGA (Design og arkitektur Norge), part of Oslo Innovation Week.
      Find out what the global head of couture at Vivienne Westwood thinks about designing with a conscience and how the founder of the Tribal Design Forum in India works with promoting sustainable design.
      Hear about the challenges and opportunities of the circular economy from Dutch experts Innoboost, the role of leaders in delivering transformative change from the Director of the Global Centre for Conscious Leadership and the impact business can have on social issues from the Chief Operating Officer of UK platform, Neighbourly.
      Join us for a day of inspiration and discussion with these and other expert speakers who will share new research, and best practice examples of organizations who have adopted a conscientious approach to innovation.
      This event on conscientious innovation is broken down into four parts. We will discuss what it means to build to last, the opportunities and problems of circularity and how we can innovate to make people’s lives better. The event will conclude with an Oxford Union-style debate that will present the case for and against whether indeed we are all screwed or whether business, marketing and design can help address the challenges we face.
9.40–10.00 Introduction: Conscientious Innovation
Introduction to the themes of the conference and some initial thoughts on the opportunities and challenges.

10.00–11.10 Built to Last
Can we design business models that are both slow and agile?
Can we design stuff to last—and what do we need to do to communicate value to consumers?

11.30–12.45 What goes around comes around
What are the opportunities and problems of circularity? How can we build successful business based on circularity and reuse? What are the larger systemic structures that can facilitate circularity?

13.30–14.45 Making lives better
Can we rework the way we live and tackle social and environmental problems innovatively?
How do we build resilient communities in collaboration with business? How can we use design to empower indigenous people? How can we take a holistic approach to resolve societal problems?

15.00–15.45 The Big Debate
This house believes that we’re all screwed because business can’t or won’t change its profitable practices for the greater good of our home planet. This we will debate together with the audience.

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      Brigitte Stepputtis (UK) is the Global Head of Couture at Vivienne Westwood and the Director of Ethical Fashion Forum.
      Sudhir John Horo (India) is convenor of the Tribal Design Forum. He works with the indigenous communities in India using design as a tool to create better livelihoods for the socially and economically marginalized communities.
      Nicholas Ind (Norway) is a Professor at Kristiania and Visiting Professor at ESADE and Edinburgh Napier University. He is the author of 13 books, including In Good Conscience.
      Sandra Horlings (NL) is managing partner at Innoboost, the collective boosting the development and commercialization of solutions for the Circular Economy.
      Peter Fischer Brown (Spain) is an international strategist, strategic marketing and communications professional. He is also Head of Strategy and Development for Eat Club, a London-based social enterprise.
      Erika Uffindell (UK) is Chair of the London and New York agency of change, Uffindell and Director of the Global Centre for Conscious Leadership.
      Marie Harbo Dahle leads the national knowledge hub for reuse in the construction industry at Pådriv, a collaborative infrastructure for city transformation.
      Mads Bruun Høy is Founding Partner and Director of System Iinnovation at Æra, and initiator and co-founder Floke, a conscientious innovation programme turning societal challenges into innovation opportunities.
Conferencier: Ted Matthews, Ph.D., Chair of Service Design, the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO)
This event is a collaboration between DOGA, AHO and Medinge Group and is part of Oslo Innovation Week.

Jack YanMedinge presents Conscientious Innovation at DOGA in Oslo on September 28, 2023

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