A day with the Medinge Group

At MIP, the Management Institute of Paris

A dream team of international brand gurus is set to unleash their contrarian thinking on an unsuspecting group of managers in Paris this month.
   The Medinge Group, a Stockholm-based high-level think-tank on international branding, will deliver a one-day seminar at MIP, the Management Institute of Paris, on Friday, January 26, 2007. The event for MIP students and faculty will feature presentations and dialogue with six of Medinge’s resident thinkers, all experts in their own sub-disciplines of branding, and all active practitioners in what one Medinge guru has called ‘the most misunderstood subject in business today.’ It’s viewed as a total-immersion all-day event, held behind closed doors.
   The Medinge dream team consists of Thomas Gad, Chairman; Stanley Moss, CEO; and directors Pierre d’Huy, Patrick Harris, Nicholas Ind, and Ian K. Ryder. Mr Ryder is credited with coining—in 1997—the most widely applied definition in the field: ‘A brand is a promise.’
   Medinge’s team plans to cover the following topics, and more:

• humanity-based strategy;
• personal branding;
• branding for NGOs;
• brandovation.

   Founded in 2002, the Medinge Group first published a brand manifesto of eight statements encapsulating a vision of healthy brands for the future. In 2003, the group authored a collection of essays entitled Beyond Branding, which explored the ways in which brands could add value within alternative business and social models. In 2004, the group established the annual Brands with a Conscience list to recognize organizations who epitomize humanistic behaviour; in 2006 Medinge added a special category of recognition, named in honour of its late colleague Colin Morley, which acknowledges excellence by an NGO, in keeping with his humanistic vision.
   The Medinge Group maintains an online, automated speakers’ and experts’ bureau, accessible through its website at www.medinge.org. In 2007, Medinge launches its newest online resource, The Journal of the Medinge Group, a digital anthology of papers and publications by Medinge members.

MIP: Management Institute of Paris
26 bis, rue de Lübeck
75016 Paris
Phone: 33 1 56-90-30-80

Medinge GroupA day with the Medinge Group

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