Brands with a conscience | Painting & Cover

Tocopherol | The painting from which the cover is derived

Part of this work has been used on the cover of our new book, “Brands with a Conscience”.

The images are details of a painting in a series based on the structure of organic molecules. The painting uses a technique I have used for a long time. Accretions of acrylic which are then sanded usually to a smooth surface.

Molecule detail 1

The molecule used for this painting is Vitamin E or Tocopherol, which is found in various vegetable oils. It acts as an anti-oxidant helping to protect cell membranes.

Molecule detail 3

The colours in the atoms are not necessarily related to the nature of the atom, the rings being built up in a fairly random way. However, the way the colours mix with the addition of glazes and the paint flows together might allude to properties of atoms such as orbitals, valencies, and forces between atoms.

Basic details:

  • Medium: Acrylic on board
  • Dimensions: 90 x 80 cms
  • Date: 2015
Phil DobsonBrands with a conscience | Painting & Cover

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