Malcolm Allan to address Mackinac Policy Conference in June 2006

Stockholm, Seal Beach, Calif., and Wellington, May 5 (JY&A Media) Malcolm Allan, a member of the Medinge Group, has accepted an invitation to address the Detroit Regional Chamber’s annual Mackinac Policy Conference on Thursday, June 1, 2006. The Detroit Regional Chamber is the largest metro chamber in the USA and their Mackinac Policy Conference is considered to be one of the premier public policy conferences in the country.
   Mr Allan will present remarks on creating a regional brand, and draw together the effect of personal brand leadership by entrepreneurs, the brands of companies and organizations and the brands of cities and their mayors.
   The Medinge Group is a not-for-profit think-tank headquartered in Sweden, an interdisciplinary body engaging issues of international branding. The group meets twice a year, in January in Paris, and in August in Sweden.
   Founded in 2001, the group originally published a brand manifesto, which urged modern organizations to pursue humanistic principles in brand-building. The Medinge Group later authored a book entitled Beyond Branding (Kogan Page, London, 2003) in which individual members explained their collective views.
   In 2002, the Medinge Group innovated the Brands with a Conscience programme, publishing a yearly list which singles out exceptional examples of humanistic or sustainable branding all over the world. Currently the group maintains an online speakers’ bureau, and is developing a student fellowship programme.
   Malcolm Allan is founding member of the Medinge Group.

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About the Medinge Group
The Medinge Group is a top-level think tank of brand professionals who meet annually to exchange ideas about theory, strategy and trends in international branding. The group meets in August at Medinge, Sweden and in January at an alternative European location.
   The Medinge Group strives to influence businesses from inside—and outside—to become more human, and more humane. The group believes it possible to accelerate change across enterprises and societies by acting on principles of compassionate branding.
   The Group’s web site can be found at

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Medinge GroupMalcolm Allan to address Mackinac Policy Conference in June 2006

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