Videos from the 2009 Brands with a Conscience ceremony

The following videos are from the Brands with a Conscience ceremony at MIP in Paris earlier this month, which the Medinge Group has been running for six years. The filming was done by Elmine Wijnia, wife of long-standing member Ton Zijlstra.
   The first is a video introducing the ceremony, featuring Medinge chairman Thomas Gad, Medinge CEO Stanley Moss, and Pierre d’Huy, one of the directors. Noted member and author Sicco van Gelder introduces one of the videos.
   The Colin Morley Award was presented posthumously to Paul Newman, who was voted the winner by a large margin by the BWAC committee. In the words of Stanley: ‘On a per capita basis, he was the most generous person on Earth. He gave away, in his lifetime, over $250 million.’
   The subsequent videos feature the acceptances from Ragbag, Ekomarine, One Water and Chhatra Sagar.



One Water

Chhatra Sagar

Jack YanVideos from the 2009 Brands with a Conscience ceremony

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