For your listening pleasure: Medinge members on podcasts

Medinge Group members have been creating some excellent, thought-provoking podcasts lately. Here is a sampling of several recent ones.
From November 2020, Nicholas Ind mentioned Medinge Group and SAP in this podcast with Mark Stinson. Nicholas wrote this afterwards as a follow-up.
Sandra Horlings was interviewed in January about responsible brands and how to strengthen them with innovative experiences, along with the use of stories and co-creation.
This month, Christof Zürn also talked to Mark, about music thinking and the analogies between listening to your business and listening to music; plus how to use the jam cards in a workshop and also about the new Generation Co. Check it out here.
Cristián Saracco appeared with Bob Baurys in this podcast hosted by G. Mark Phillips, in his series A World of Creativity. Cristián has some great ideas on how to come up with new ideas, and the show discusses how to grow your business through branding, among other ideas. It’s a must-listen.
There is also a wonderful series here with Erika Uffindell (and others) interviewing inspiring women about leadership, courage, vulnerability and finding our voice and place in the world, at Rock My Age: In Conversation.

Medinge GroupFor your listening pleasure: Medinge members on podcasts

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